Q10. Why should I go ahead?

Because you take pride in your home, enjoy your kitchen as the heart of the home, and want the best remodel value. Or simply because, “you’ve earned it”.

Q9. Why should I choose NU-LOOK?

Most people choose NU-LOOK to reface their kitchen because: We offer free expert design advice, We use top quality materials, and We have the experience, craftsmen, and systems to efficiently complete projects right the first time. NU-LOOK is the oldest, largest, and usually lowest price cabinet refacing company in upstate New York.

Q8. Any downsides?

There are some “press board” cabinets that are not worth refacing. Usually we find however that “the older the cabinets the better built”. The current layout of the cabinets must also be acceptable. If new cabinets make more sense, Conestoga can supply us with whatever configuration and finish is needed for us to install a […]

Q7. What about painting or refinishing as an alternative?

Painting cabinets usually requires degreasing, sanding, and two coats of paint. Unfortunately the paint will chip around door edges usually within a year. Refinishing is even more difficult, costs almost as much as refacing, and does not hold up because there is no way to oven cure the new finish onto the cabinet boxes and […]

Q6. How much does refacing cost?

The price of NU-LOOK cabinet refacing is determined by the number and size of doors and drawerfronts, the style, the wood species, and other items unique to each kitchen. Last year we completed projects ranging from a simple replacement of doors for $2000 to a full reface of a very large kitchen in cherry with […]

Q5. How long does refacing last?

Refaced kitchen cabinets will last as long as new cabinets and easily hold up to twenty years of normal use. In fact, many less expensive new cabinet brands are made with lesser “knotty” hardwoods and finished with lacquers which discolor and age in just a few years. Repairs to refaced cabinet boxes are rarely required […]

Q4. How long does refacing take?

Most kitchens are completed in 3-5 days. And, homeowners can still use their kitchen in the morning and evening. Planning your kitchen’s new look is also much easier and faster than “shopping around”. We bring a “mobile showroom” to your house so you can see how various new doors and countertops work with your current […]

Q3. What new looks are most popular?

Most homeowners choose to change their cabinets to a lighter tone that “opens” up the room. Raised panel and Shaker style doors are the most popular. Traditional oak, contemporary maple, or elegant cherry hardwood species are available. Classic white kitchens are always popular too. The most requested alterations are shortening a cabinet for an over-the-range […]

Q2. How is refacing done?

First, old cabinet doors and drawerfronts are removed. Alterations like roll out shelves for pots and pans or add-on cabinets are next. Then, durable real wood veneers are permanently applied to cabinet box sides and fronts with powerful adhesive. Lastly, newly made solid wood doors and drawerfronts are put on using new hinges and pulls. […]

Q1. What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is a growing alternative to replacing old or outdated kitchen cabinets. Homeowners save time, trouble, and thousands by “recycling” their existing cabinet boxes which are covered with new wood veneer before new solid wood doors are installed. Year after year, independent remodeling industry studies show that cabinet refacing has the highest payback of […]