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Over 48 Years of Saving Kitchens

When comparison shopping, know that there are right and wrong ways to reface kitchen cabinets. Sub-standard refacing techniques or lesser materials can result in a ragged appearance in just a few years. At NU-LOOK, we believe that since you are saving money by refacing, you want the job done right with the best materials. During our nearly fifty years in business, we have developed systematic procedures for transforming kitchens. We are also honest and conscientious professionals. As it turns out, this combination usually results in the most beautiful kitchens and the least expensive route for the homeowner, which is why NU-LOOK is rarely undersold.

Trained Kitchen Designers

NU-LOOK design representatives have years of experience and training. We know the most cost-effective solutions to functional problems in the kitchen. And we also are abreast of the latest trends in cabinetry and countertop finishes. We carry dozens of door and countertop samples with us in our “mobile showrooms” and are happy to show you all the new looks that are available. Our goal is to collaboratively design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle, your décor, and that you will be proud of tomorrow and in twenty years.

Best Materials

NU-LOOK uses top-quality doors from long established manufacturers. Conestoga, for instance, is the largest private label cabinet company in the country. They start with premium grade northern Adirondack solid hardwoods culled from the top lumber mills using their proprietary grading system. Then Conestoga finishes these doors with hand-rubbed penetrating stains and oven-cured catalyzed conversion varnish top sealer coatings to achieve a durable glass-like 40% sheen. Franchise and big box refacers simply use lesser builder-grade materials with lacquer finishes that age and discolor in just a few years.

Craftsmen, Not Subcontractors

Our craftsmen are not “big-box jack-of-all-trades” that do some refacing. Nor are they franchise “one-man-band salesmen/installers” pulled in different directions. NU-LOOK craftsmen have years of refacing experience, which is the key to our efficiency and low prices. They are our most important company employees with “soft hands and big hearts” dedicated to their craft and your satisfaction.

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Time Tested Methods

NU-LOOK refacing methods are based on our having refaced thousands of kitchens over forty years in business. For instance, NU-LOOK always triple-finishes (rout, file, and sand) all edges for a smooth touch and natural appearance. As our many “seasoned” customers say; “experience matters”

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