Why Is A Nu-Look Your Best Home Improvement?

The kitchen is not only the heart of your home, it’s the room that most directly affects the selling price of your home.  Getting a Nu-Look will raise the asking price of your home by more than you will spend! And you’ll have a pretty kitchen.

There is no need to trash your current cabinets.

Recycling your cabinets typically saves you half of what new cabinets cost, is greener, and is a lot less hassle.  Most projects are completed in a week or less.

new look kitchen refacing

Design Expertise

We’re kitchen experts who know the most cost-effective solutions to functional problems and are abreast of the latest trends in cabinetry and countertop finishes.  We have dozens of door and countertop samples with us when we visit.

Fixed Prices

Our fixed prices are cost-based, consistent wherever we go, and very competitive.  As the largest kitchen savers in Upstate NY we have superior buying power for lower prices on both cabinetry and counters.

You’re Covered

We are a family-owned company, fully insured, warranty our work, and have thousands of references.

We use the best materials — and you still save!

Since you save so much with Nu-Look, we use the best materials. For instance, our Mennonite family cabinet supplier in Pennsylvania is the largest private label cabinet company in the country.  They start with premium grade northern Adirondack solid hardwoods culled from the top lumber mills using their proprietary grading system.  Hand-rubbed penetrating stains and oven-cured catalyzed conversion varnish top sealer result in beautiful and durable finishes.

Franchise and big box refacers simply use lesser builder-grade materials with lacquer finishes that age and discolor in just a few years, and they charge more!

Our craftsmen are not “big-box jack-of-all-trades” guys that do some refacing.  Nor are they franchise “one-man-band salesmen/installers” pulled in different directions.  Instead, NU-LOOK craftsmen have years of refacing experience, which is the key to our efficiency and low prices.  They are our most important company employees with “soft hands and big hearts” dedicated to their craft and your satisfaction.

Think of the long-term, protect yourself, and make your kitchen remodel easy by choosing NU-LOOK.

Meet the Owners

Betsy and Tom Ruff; owners of Nu-Look Cabinet Refacing.

Betsy is from Marcellus NY, graduated from Oswego State, and was a buyer at Sibley’s before taking time off to raise their four beautiful children.

Tom is from Fairport NY, graduated from Oneonta State and Syracuse with an MBA, and was a VP at Bausch&Lomb before the couple bought Nu-Look in 2001.